Brinds Limited

Specialists in Self Assessment
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We will advise whether you should be a Self-Employed Individual, in a Partnership or incorporate into a  Limited Company and will deal with anything and everything necessary to ease the way forward to a profitable future!

Once set-up, we will give as much help and advice as you need.

Our role is to produce Accounts and Tax Returns for submission to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs at as low a cost as possible. We can do all the Book-Keeping required (from a pile of Receipts or Bank Statements accompanied by Receipts but, preferably, from online banking downloads) from which the Accounts are compiled. These then form part of the Individual or Corporation Tax Return and we will ask for any other information needed for its submission (Bank Interest, Share Dividends, P.A.Y.E. earnings, Capital Gains etc).

We can complete VAT Returns, Construction Industry Scheme Returns (including Sub-Contractors’ Monthly Statements) and all P.A.Y.E. compliance – as now required, all is done online and we simply notify you of payments due and when.

Subject to being supplied with regular accounts information, we will automatically advise you of the need to register for VAT (either the normal or the Flat Rate scheme) and discuss setting up a Partnership or a Limited Company when we note your tax bills could be lowered either way.