Brinds Limited

Accountants & Commercial Advisors


Brinds Limited is based in Crowborough, East Sussex.

It was established in 2007.


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We specialise in helping individuals who want to work for themselves and run their own business but don’t know where to start!

Our Mission is to provide low cost accounting and book-keeping support

for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.

We pride ourselves in an all-round service so, once we are appointed, we are available throughout the year to assist with any accounting or tax matters, other concerns or general advice.

The World is changing!

With a new “break-through” computer system,

HMRC can now weave, what they call, a spider’s web connecting people, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts and employers.

From browsing Facebook to talking to a bitter ex-partner, HMRC will stop at nothing if it suspects people of underpaying Tax.

They operate in disguise as Mystery Shoppers,

they pay Informers and they  have the power to raid the homes of people they suspect of not paying tax.

They also use less obvious sources of information such as adverts on noticeboards in newsagents and supermarkets and stories in local papers.

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